Craving Persists

Just want to lay beside the sea watching the waves playing rhythmically to enhance its beauty, encouraging its soul to be louder and sharper with each breath it takes. Haha, cannot believe I still want to live this imagination. The day I wrote it was the one with a sudden urge to pack my bags… Continue reading Craving Persists

Only calls?

The messages, the talks over call. Reviving my old posts nowadays, came across this one. Troubles me still that how lightly we take something so unique, so loving to stay over calls or messages. Where are we heading in such precious matters? The calls have also reduced to zero now. Read more... Google Images @… Continue reading Only calls?

Blogger Fixed Poems Today

Pen it downAnd hold onCalm and relaxLikes, dislikes and commentsThis is what the writer waits for. Once the work is out in publicthere is no turning backDon't be in hasteReview and amend according to your taste Additions and deletionsyour work for you should be 'Perfection' Daily writing is daily improvementa better work with new developments This is what I… Continue reading Blogger Fixed Poems Today