Pinterest Image HIM Her gaze, undressing me, teasing me to submit to her freshly bathed body. I could sense her tip toeing towards me, like a naughty child, wetting the carpet, filling it with her aroma. The vivid evocation of her succulent lips on mine, followed by the intertwining fingers heating our bodies. Biting the… Continue reading Driving

Rusty Sports Car

Under the plastic shadeDepressed old age speaksThe once shiny skin is now dullYoung memories appear once asleep Masculine seducing bodyHardly left untouched by any womanSporty genre was honourPhotographs with awards in journals Talks about the ferocious speedEverywhere my victory applaudedBrands waiting for meetingsPassion for work rewarded Now the gear box is rustyInside and outside is dustyFour legs have lost their speedStory of… Continue reading Rusty Sports Car

Happy Busy Saturday and Free Sunday

As the week is ending there are personal works pendingthe house too needs cleaning and mending discern between dark and lightthe heap of clothes should be washed rightwashing machine is fully packed and tight arranging papers and bookswiping and dusting all nooksassessing walls to hammer the new hooks plants and flowers needs watercan find a lot of muddy dotterwish a wand… Continue reading Happy Busy Saturday and Free Sunday