Yesterday I realized, while holding a book under the yellow colored fairy light, that I have not been reading much, lately. This old post is a reminder that I should start sitting in the library again. 'Books and BooksLife is more than the looksSitting in a libraryWatching everybody silently'Read More Kritika is clicking @ Kritika

Busy Admiring Flower Pots

Lazily I stepOut the doorLeaving the comfortOf the home To find a CafĂ©Which feels my ownWelcoming and comfortableHappy to be alone When someone arrivesWith no similar vibesDisturbs my thoughtsAdmiring the flower pots Books are seductiveColourful and attractiveYour presence won't countWhen books more productive Boring are the talks Find love in silent walksA book in hand… Continue reading Busy Admiring Flower Pots