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I want to drink the red which flows in your veins.
Tonight lets try and keep it sane.
Let me take you to the place where half of me exists.
Tell you history of mysteries of my ancestors.
Inhale and fill your lungs with the freshness of the night.
You call it dark but for me it is light.
Do not be scared of the words I write.
I am the guiding lamp for your fright.



Vampire Gentleman

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built up naked thighs
played the naughty game
the woman turned sensual
hypnotising the handsome face

ransom she did not cared for
witch wanted to drink his blood
coercing him to fall for her
failed every time she spelled the curse

endearing smile he carried
many had bought him coffee
intimidating looks ignited tantrums
the failed ladies later chewed bubblegums

none was aware of his other side
which was blissful and sublime
a vampire blood unaffected by any curse
he could only fall for the innocent style

the heart of the witch flipped
and she preferred to leave the land
now in search of an innocent man
who would hold her blood smeared hand

@ Kritika

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