Bright Day: Sunshine Blogger Award (2)

‘Look at the rising Sun and consume its warmth. You need it every day to start it with golden thoughts.’ Delighted to have been nominated by an amazing writer: Valentina from Valentina’s Works. I like her interesting Instagram posts which are filled with beautiful thoughts. Do go through her work both on Instagram (poems_by_valentina) andContinue reading “Bright Day: Sunshine Blogger Award (2)”

Me to You -A Letter

Hey Fellow Bloggers,Writing to you all just before 1st of January 2020. Rather asking, ‘How are you?‘ at the last day of the year. Its never too late, right? To let you know about me,’ With you guys around, I am awesome.’ Your encouragement and appreciation works as a guide for me on how to blog and howContinue reading “Me to You -A Letter”