2nd Liebster Award

Liebster Award Thank you so much Sidharth of Writing Rhymes for nominating me and my blog for this award. Sidharth is creative in presenting his poems. His rhymes are profound which touch a lot many hearts. I am sure you too would love them once you go through his blog. Congratulations friend.Blog Link: https://writingrhymes.wordpress.com/ Rules:1.… Continue reading 2nd Liebster Award

Only Reading

http://www.gfycat.com why don't I spend my timeon reading today?figuring out what others have to say? reading is one remedywhich would give metopics and words to writepicking one from various genresmight become todays delight as far as I am concernedno topic seems to have engrossed my mindlately, nothing has affected memuch to give me a hard… Continue reading Only Reading

Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award

Excited or NormalI know not nominated by thevelto whom I am thankful foryour kindnessI am thankful foryour humblenessconsidering mefor this mysterious awardthis blogging funnow seems to have startedto get into form ┬ęKritika Seriously a mystery for me with some rules to be followed. Frankly, I always mention others I am new to writing which led to blogging. This… Continue reading Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award