Moon as a Teacher

The night walk In the cool airHeadphones onI start to repair Song startsFor the brave heartsNoted the timethe shoes with the music chimed A glance at the skyMy feet suddenly stopwith fixated eyes which try to intensely analyse Clouds dancingAround the MoonOn the musicTo me unknown Shining brightlyShowing off its beautyThe dignified Moon standsConducting its duty… Read More Moon as a Teacher

The Achene Flight

The leaf whispered in my ear:‘Would you like to travel dear?’ A dandelion stared in my eyes:‘A ride without any price.’ Approval of the palpitating heart.Nerves throbbing for the journey to start. Would have to hold the achene tight.Only fearless choose this risky flight. Gradually attaining a good height.Found many like me, the fearless type.… Read More The Achene Flight


splash some cold water on faceneed the senses to be awake the engulfed dullness needs a rude slapnever ever fall for such depressing traps pricey time will fade your passionenough of your drama, time for action suit up and rekindle your existencenobody but you are responsible for your absence let go to move on and… Read More Rekindle