Natures Reality – Clutched

Surreality of natures realityDiving into the awesome beautyThoughts automatically shiftPhysically too dragged towards this gift Granted by the planet EarthMany parts of it remain unfurledUnknown colours and living creaturesEveryday discover some new features Spending camp nights around creepersCollecting fireflies disturbing sleepersWaking up at the sounds of birdsAnd people think such people are nerds Limitless was this all when untouchedDisturbed by people it is now clutchedThis is why natures… Continue reading Natures Reality – Clutched

The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem

the beautiful leafunder the shadow of cloudsglistens when the sun shinesilluminates in the moon light longing to meet its lovercaring for self it nurturesself development mattersby self independence it flatters the cloud attracted by its beautycould not approach as it has its dutysignals the leaf by turning grey'your lover is on its way' leaf blushes… Continue reading The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem

To the moon,

I am attracted by your beautyadmire the way you perform your dutyDaily night you light up the skyencouraging me to try and tryYou are the only crushfor whom I truly feel and blushSeeking your guidance dailyembarking upon my everyday journeySecret conversations with you in my mindletting you know what I wish to findA friend I… Continue reading To the moon,