Warm Water

Pinterest for the Image The warmth of the waterloosens the tightly tied thoughtsslaking the thirst of the mind,a battle well fought. The thoughts conspiring against the body leaving it weak and sore  Balmy warm water acting as a satisfying paid whore. Professional and personal lifeone cannot disengageTime passes by pleasing otherswithout rageNo matter how hard you… Continue reading Warm Water

Battle between two extremists

Nerves in the body shout'Positives move and capture the battle ground'Negatives overheard this soundSpeed up, its a race, be a hound. Negatives start before the positives find outMoving fast they capture the battle groundShouting and roaring giving victorious vibesPositives surrounding them with glorious smiles Alertness running throughout the team 'Negatives''Game has just begun' informed the… Continue reading Battle between two extremists