Busy Admiring Flower Pots

Lazily I stepOut the doorLeaving the comfortOf the home To find a CafĂ©Which feels my ownWelcoming and comfortableHappy to be alone When someone arrivesWith no similar vibesDisturbs my thoughtsAdmiring the flower pots Books are seductiveColourful and attractiveYour presence won't countWhen books more productive Boring are the talks Find love in silent walksA book in hand… Continue reading Busy Admiring Flower Pots

People are Important

"FOR THE ONES WHO THINK ALONE IS BETTER" No matter how much you want to be alonePeople are importantto teach youto guide youtowards the same path of loneliness Without themyou never learnthe meaning of emotionsThe truthHuman body needsto feel all emotions. Emotions which help usto know the difference betweengood or badto grow closetowards mother nature.… Continue reading People are Important