More such moments

Eyes met eyes behind rimmed glassesBoth the individuals had glowing facesSoftly the old hands interlaced her fingersApproval reflected by her head on his shoulderWatching the setting sun and the sea togetherThe purity in love seemed to exist foreverTwo old souls connected not by legalityBut a desperation an individual seeksSmiling comfort was their posture languageTogether they… Continue reading More such moments

Grandmas Doing Push Ups

Age is an excuseTo get rid of all the cluesNot to solve any health puzzleIn the ears, the oldies put nozzles 50 year olds don't careFitness techniques for them is a dareExcuses which seem not fairBody pains they are ready to share Pretending to be doing yoga posesWorking together on poking others nosesChoosing friends for… Continue reading Grandmas Doing Push Ups