Where did he go?

Few texts teased mePrompted me to believeWords sounded trueBeginning of a meaningful spree Conversation flowingComfortable feelingCalmly enjoyingCareless comprehending Giving the heart and soulTalking late nights and day wholeSuch madness perceivedOpenly I was deceived Happiness eludedIn no time I was secludedVanished into thin airThe persons existence was a dare Scrolling the conversation Was I wrong in delivering information?Asked how… Continue reading Where did he go?

Not Cheesy But Easy

I stopped feelingIt was easynot cheesy non greasybut easy I stopped feelingsimply comprehendedmy questionsyour one word answers I stopped feelingno coffee togetherno talks leftmy words left unheard I stopped feelingno phone calls no messages this was enough I stopped feelingand happily accepted your feelings. ©Kritika Hope you liked it. 🙂