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Her gaze, undressing me, teasing me to submit to her freshly bathed body. I could sense her tip toeing towards me, like a naughty child, wetting the carpet, filling it with her aroma. The vivid evocation of her succulent lips on mine, followed by the intertwining fingers heating our bodies. Biting the knuckle of the index finger, I madly drove towards her studio!

Interrupting her in the middle of the session, I held her left hand firmly and dragged her to her office cabin. While closing the door, she hugged me from behind. I gently turned and touched her sweaty waist. Our passionate kiss spoke about our mad feelings, to which I wanted to surrender but left her thirsty for more.

Name of the Micro Series: HER/HIM
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 12th January 2020, Sunday


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Two O Two O

Do you like Calvin and Hobbes, a newspaper comic by Bill Watterson?
Commonly cited as ‘the last great newspaper comic’. Calvin, a child and Hobbes, his stuffed tiger toy. Calvin lives in an imaginary world full of possibilities where Hobbes is his best companion to communicate whatever he feels and thinks about the world. The duo created is breathtaking.

I love the humour. The metaphorical representation of the flawed world is fantastic. There are many other newspaper comics which entice me but this one I want a collection of it on the opposite wall to where I sit for writing. Thanks to the writer, these characters bring a smile on my face. They make me feel alive. I will not be telling much about them, as they require each and every adults attention. Have provided the link in the above question. Enjoy and do let me know.


“Spread your hands wide
As new possibilities arrive”

by Kritika




Love the idea of exploring your own self. You don’t know what you are capable of unless you do want to know.

@ Kritika

Bag of Chits

You can connect from my last post ‘Drag to Trash’ about the preparations that I have started for 2020. This new poem below adds to the list. Figure it out.

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Remember the dream bag
you have been filling with chits
the hand written letters and numbers
amazingly planned tricks
smile, still it is time
to not be lazy but strict

make amends and get things fixed
one by one start to pick
fulfill them with satisfaction
and do not forget to mark each with a tick

@ Kritika