A Run to Begin

life begins when the heart beats fast you just keep moving with no stopping (in head) the dark thoughts slowly becoming light heavily the throat gasps for air melancholy face stares at the sky brightening with the drops of sweat facing the wind becoming cool breeze for the skin which wants to glow red and… Continue reading A Run to Begin

Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

Would like you all to visit Timeless Mind of Sir Parneet Sachdev who nominated me for the Discover New Blogs Liebster Award. I have not read much of his work but this one piece Day Sixteen: Gratitude reflects on the beauty of his thoughts which are wonderfully articulated in words. I sincerely thank this humble… Continue reading Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs

The Melting

Pinterest down where I felt your breathcooling the rage out of methe beauty of your tingling touchserpentine moves weakening meglistening eyes speaking divinecrazily you put your hands on one moundsqueezing a groan out of my mouthmore of me wants more of us as houndstopographically tagging my melting spotsso want you to take me to the… Continue reading The Melting