Dating: A Short Story (1)

For me ‘Dating’ is a beautiful romantic journey where I meet my guy every day, spend some time comfortably in each other’s arms, talking rubbish, being romantic, eating crap, comfortably happy in all aspects. Exploring each other by spoiling each other. No wonder it sounds cheesy but it is the only way you get to know the one whom you are dating. Be in love eventually.

So, I gave it a try again. I made a profile on the same dating application I have been deleting my account from since last two years. I don’t use it anymore though. Don’t ask me the number of times, it is awful that I lose interest in same meaning less chatting so quickly.
Coming across various attractive profiles, I swiped some profiles right who turned out to have right swiped me as well. Many old profiles too were included in the process of swiping right. Thinking I might land in some intriguing conversations, I started with the ‘Hies’ and ‘How are you doing?’ The new profiles had something new to tell but the old ones had the same copy paste dialogues. Don’t know why I thought that one or two of the old profiles were fake.
Out of seven successful matches, three were the old profiles. I had not chatted much with any of the three profiles earlier. The chatting went not landing on meeting with the two older profiles but giving assent to the one who lived nearby.
Cappuccino has always been my top priority whenever I force myself to meet guys. I really do have to coerce my mind to move my butt and get ready (mentally) to meet a guy. Fifteen minutes late, I reached the decided café. Parked my bike, thinking the guy would not have made it on time. Went inside the washroom, firstly. It was the fourth day of my period and I was not prepared. Ugh, don’t know why at times I make such stupid mistakes and was not even carrying an extra. Anyways I came out and gave him a call to know his location. He was already inside for about 20 minutes meaning I was late. I don’t like making a person wait knowing I would have left by now. So, I went inside in hurry saw him sitting waving his hand, signaling his presence with sitting position.
The best part of our meeting was the, ‘Paneer Sandwich’. It was equal to shit. I ordered my one and only Cappuccino and he ordered his usual Black Coffee. Yes, the guy has to show off which I ignored. I too drink black coffee at times, so it is normal. Impress me, I am ready to be impressed. Nothing was impressive about the guy. He asked me questions to which I answered. We both like judging people around us, making the conversation funny and interesting. I found him to be reserved not much open. Showing he is satisfied but he is not. He has a lot hidden material inside. Obviously, a person will not open up on the first meeting. He told me about his family but not about his past relationships. I was completely fine with the same. I didn’t thought of meeting him again, so doesn’t matters.
No wonder my habit of paying off the bill because he paid it for the first time. It is like I want nothing to remain between us. So I met him the second time just to pay my part and part ways. I didn’t knew the guy would say yes for the second meeting which he did. We ate, did not talked much but he kept on teasing me. I liked his teasing me. The first time I was not attracted to this guy. The second time I analysed him. The sparkling eyes, the parting lips, the broad chest, the tight muscles of the hands and his choice of clothes, he seemed a little attractive. His manner of treating the food and others was subtle. I liked him.
Most romantic date of my life, Dinner Date. It was our third meeting and was a lot cheesy. My parents were out of station and I was in no mood of cooking. I texted him the same. He offered to have dinner outside and at the place of my choice. I did not gave it much thought. Just went with him. We were in our worst attires which I realised after he picked me from my home. He was in pyjamas and sweat. I was in jeans and sweat. Don’t know if it is romantic or not but for me it was. The music, the drive, were all attractive and my need of kissing the guy was getting to the brim. I don’t know but my appetite suddenly vanished. Ordered the food of our choices but I ate nothing. I know he felt bad, he told me in our next meeting, but I have no clue of my appetite. I apologized after he paid the bill. I was letting him pay now. Bad, I know. It was the time where I should have known that we were dating but I had no clue. My sixth sense though guessed it to be the end of happy times.
(I always consider the character to be Me while writing. The characters and situations are mind created.)

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments are welcome.