Sunset Spot

HER Looking at his smiling face, mouthing seductive words which formed a naughty glint in his eyes, tempted me to touch him and make him mine. He parked the car on our secret sunset spot and we resumed our kissing. His hands reached for my heart claiming it to be his. The rising fervor between […]


HIM Imprinting my lips on hers was a trick to make her walk to my office but hurting herself was not what I was expecting from her anger. It pinched my soul making me feel more guilty of my act. I kissed her swollen right palm. Her pain was deeper than mine still she pressed […]


HER I easily submitted to his quirky behaviour. The angry self, dismissed the class with an apology speech and went straight to his office building. Concentrating on my rage, I banged my right hand on his neat office table in frustration. The red palm was hurting but I faced him, strong. His gentle movements showing […]