I land texting you

I don’t want to
Somehow I land texting you
Feelings never were there
Then how is it I want you to be here

Irritated by my own behaviour
I know I am my own savior
Suffering inside by an unwanted pain
Repeating to self to fuck off and live again

Betrayed by my own feelings
Suffocated by the threshold of Forcefully created saplings

Leave all these meaningless feelings behind
There are better things to live by and more to find
Move away from this harmful ignorance
Stay like a queen and glide with patience

Better is waiting with a promise in hand
Courage is what it wants you to wear as a friendship band
These words should have a definite meaning in your mind
You can do it for sure without a promise confined



A cup of coffee with the past

Past longed to meet
My consent,for him, was a treat

Knowing now nothing exists
The feelings never persist

Time has stitched this heart
Now I too play smart

Negative has replaced with positive
Overtime have become more attractive

My love for me has increased
Lets just have a cup of coffee, please.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Where will I find all this again?

That caring kiss
That way you missed
Your treatment towards me was a bliss

Can not ignore it
Nor can suppress 
Your kiss on my hand

Those words telling me to take care
A good ear for my despair

Balm to my aching heart
Calm to my nervous charm

Representation at its best
Keeping my head on your chest

Tracking each others breaths
Emotions flowing to the depths

Where will I find all this again?
When I know you are not in pain.


A Romantic Crime

Rain drops
Earthy smell

Close breaths
Eyelids fell

Water flushed
Mud blushed

Fingers intertwined
Bodies sublimed

Romantic rhyme
Hope you liked this crime


Seems I have written the half part of the story. Comments required to know how is it.