Hedious Human

The girl cried,’Let go of me’

The monster kept hurting her

and to the extreme.

Her unstoppable tears and excruciating pain.

The hedious human didn’t even saw

as the act let him to cut her vein.

The surroundings were turning black with every breath passing by.

Left without an aide from any passer by.

This is humanity and its vicious reality.

Drowned and depressed in its own cruelty.

A female bears the monster and nurtures him for this monstrosity?

Hurting another, is it sanity?

Thank you for reading. I don’t know if its complete or not. But I was out of words. It is my first time writing about this pain. Please do comment and let me know how should I amend it.



You know you are wrong.

You know it deep down that you are wrong.

Still you tend to make the same mistake.

Not once, not twice but number of times till you are satisfied with that wrong being wrong.

Are you trying to make that wrong right?

No, please.

It is you trying hard to find why is it wrong.

You are learning, experiencing. Paving a path to explore.

Exploring your limits?

Sorry, but there are no limits.

Enjoy exploring!

Degraded but Motivated

Lost and abducted by my own thoughts of degradation.

Is this a trait I follow?

Getting away every time after perceiving a signal.

Managing myself by self motivating words.

Thinking why and what of every step I took.

Liking is easy but loving takes time.

I should have crawled slowly and steadily.

Knowing I would need more than this.

No idea who is at fault.

But I feel degraded.

Just wish could runaway from this overthinking.

Seeding every tear without the world capturing.

Wants differ but thinking can change.

Focusing on the priorities, leaving every damn tear behind.

The best option and nothing else resides.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments below. Google images.

Life is Unpredictable

I didn’t knew a totally new world lay ahead of me.

So new that I had to actually pinch myself to know the truth.

A life filled with ponies and rainbows.

I embraced its arrival.

Or it embraced me. No idea.

But every step is filled with a welcoming warmth.

Leaving me to feel calm and peaceful inside.

The time period is unknown.

But its good to savour its taste.

Accept what comes to you. Its life and being unpredictable is its nature.