I Care Not

People change because they want to change.

But why to ask me,’What is wrong?’ when you know you are the one who is acting strange.

I am sorry but I care not. I have nothing to care about.

You want the change then live with it but questioning me is not a good idea, dude.


Correct Yourself

Darling, do you want the thoughts which already persists in your mind to be spoken out loud?

Are you ready to feel the pain of those words?

You want it. You need it.

It acts as a dose but you would have to stop.

Stop. Don’t let the other speak the truth.

Correct yourself before you feel the pain.

Thank you for reading. I would love to have comments on my writing as I am new in the world of writing.



Sorry, say it. Why?

The word has a meaning. Why can’t one understand?

Made a mistake? Once, twice, thrice. Now, how many times are you ready to use to the word ‘Sorry’?

Its a limited edition word, buddy.


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