A guilt

So true was my soul
Now filled with guilt
Deep down I feel
So lost and helpless

Running away from the past
Ruining everything inside me at last
What am I doing? Was the question raised
Am I playing with my own self? With disgrace.

Selfishness is where my thoughts are leading me
I am not helping my self is the thing haunting me.
Such an honest soul I am, repeating the same mistake again.
Why? For what?  Questioning began.

Blocking what I thought was true.
Clearing my mind to start something new.
Not knowing if a person can ever be blocked from the mind.
So helpless and doubtful. Am I of this kind?

Talk it out was the only option.
I needed a good friend for suggestion.
Take time to sit back and spend time with own self .
Things will turn out good when you detox your core self.

Need a clean Bye from the past.
To find a new Me, I should do it fast.
Soon will gain normality.
With the new rising Sun, I will be filled with quality.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. ­čÖé


A wish to shine as bright as the sun
To me it is the only fun

Leaving behind all the leisure
Only to attain the ultimate pleasure

A smile which shines from the inside
When I see myself standing tall from the outside

Hope I see myself to my satisfaction
Reflecting my inner confidence with my physical attraction

Writing these lines has given me the courage
To prove my worth to my inner outrage.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.


No Hopes

Tears flowing

Hopes drowning

Insides shouting.

Why me?

Clueless of which road I should walk in.

Thinking of abandoning and giving up every thing.

Lost is what I am right now.

Will I make it?

No answer will sooth my soul, anyhow.