I tried to write

I tried to write

Short and precise

Same love and same stuff

I see the same heart broken people

with the same heart broken story

Is this the only way to survive?

Schooling, graduating, life experiences combined

Have given us immense power to survive

I accept love is important

But unless we learn to love ourselves

We would go through the same heart breaks. The same pain.

Tired I am.

Need to plan.

A vacation.

Full of enjoyment and goals.

Goals to set free

Goals to be me

Goals to find natural beauty

Goals to hug my ownself

Love is enough in the world

The presence is never appreciated

We have forgotten to understand each other

Our selfishness has overtaken.

This world is awesome

Live each moment

Do not be crowded

By the people so cruel

No life exists without love

It is the only virtue which is like a Dove

Pure and gentle

Selfishness might ruin its mantle

Forget the selfish part in life

Spread love. Spread it wide.

We need it

We seek it

We are alive on it


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

A reader’s wish

Want to be myself
Read more
Write more
Be it good or poor
Doesn’t matter

The daily practice
Would help me improve
More new words
Will keep me in cue
Of good readers and writers present
My posts filled with their positive and negative comments

This would be real one day
My writing won’t be kept at bay
I wish to read
I wish to write
For which one day I will attain a good price.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. 🙂

I cannot

I cannot. No
I cannot go ahead find another.
Not again anymore.
When I wanted you. I meant it.
Finding another will be a shit.

No. Not again.
No strength left to find another you.
Doing the same to me. Going through the same rendezvous.
Tired of finding you in every person I meet.
I am numb. Have nothing to speak.

The same questions, the same answer,’ I don’t know.’
Pissed I am of this kind of flow.
Suffocated and frustrated I am right now.
What is wrong with me? I want to find out somehow.

You held my hand
Gave me hopes
Alas… this lonely self was wallowing in ropes.

The love, the generosity.
Lead me towards animosity.
My assumption of you liking me.
Blinded me of the important facts to see.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it. 🙂