Yoga Need

A series of yoga poses
in a flow
giving the heart peaceful roses
with thorns attached with misty glow

So ruined at times the mind feels
Disgusted thoughts with no place to scream
This series of poses relaxes me
Inside Out the body is relieved

Now the skin glows with the inner shine
Thoughts flow in a proper line
One should try it out as it is the need
A yoga enthusiast writes this for you as an important feed.



Had to hold the gun

Was born a normal child.
In this world, wild.
Family seemed normal
Without any dismal.

Initiated the life with cries
Mother tired with all her tries
Father saw me from afar 
The others did not cared so far.

Grown watching the parents fighting
I saw my mother tearing
Hearing led me to hiding
Mentally I was suffering.

Society played the crucial part
My mother suffered with me in the cart
Anger surged as the years passed
Killing my father was my motive at last.

My anxieties turned into depression
Inflicted by pain and mental suppression
Borrowed a gun from the local gangster
I had turned into a sinister.

Had to hold the gun
But it was not for fun
I killed my father
The only disaster

Was born a beauty
Turned into a beast
Provoked by the society
Which considered me mentally sick in the least. 


Thank  you for reading. Hope you liked it. Comments required, very much indeed.