Yoga Need

A series of yoga poses
in a flow
giving the heart peaceful roses
with thorns attached with misty glow

So ruined at times the mind feels
Disgusted thoughts with no place to scream
This series of poses relaxes me
Inside Out the body is relieved

Now the skin glows with the inner shine
Thoughts flow in a proper line
One should try it out as it is the need
A yoga enthusiast writes this for you as an important feed.



Learn and Leave

We overthink. We screw up.
We feel stressed. We are intoxicated by love.

We are so engrossed
In the deep thoughts
We start sharing them with our friends who at a time feel it to be gross.

A rhubarb with the so called lover
Eventually we have to be the forgiver.

Not one but many we fall for
Leading to our own downfall

As the days pass our experience enlarge
Thinking about all of it, gives us a good laugh

Selfish this world is, so we are.
We should move on learning and leaving everything afar.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.

Every face is a beauty

I loose my confidence
When I look at my face
Full of scars and spots for display

I want it to shine
Like in the fairy tales and rhymes
Like in the movies
Like in the advertisements

Is my want unreasonable?
Why is not everything easily available?

I thought I could avoid the same
But this mirror, everyday, puts me in shame.

Thinking about it most of the time
Looking at females with spotless skin and shine

Should I fight for what they have, I don’t?
Or should I lose?
This is what I have to choose.

Gather courage to build confidence from inside
The glow and grace will follow side by side

Every face is a beauty
To take care of it, is our duty.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.


Finding inspiration to write

Lost the inspiration to write
There is no You to fight
Picking my sword with all the might
Losing patience as I lost my knight

Listening to songs with broken heart lyrics
Talking to people preaching like the clerics
Is it how this life will move?
There is no one with whom I can groove.

A hit is what I should wait for.
An inspiration whom I can learn from.
A delightful nouveau beginning
A feeling of happy ending

A sunlight so bright 
Clearing way for what is right.


Friendship Blocked

I thought friendship is a word with meaning
I don’t know what others are seeking
Intentions are pure and profoundly gentle
People act as consciously dismantled.

Found a friend who provoked me to climb
And blocked me as if I was worth not a dime
No reason I could make out from the act
I don’t even know how to react

Is it this easy to break a bond?
Might be the friendship was not that strong.
An explanation is what I want.
Am I being rational or acting like an enfant?


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it.