loVe dIet: FriDay Fun By caLmkAte

Bereft we never are as the air we breathe has it. The flowers, the trees, the birds melodies abounds this treasure but is hard to find and we choose to be confined.

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That yearn for looking beautiful and showing off our best to that special someone, to whom like magnet the attraction is. The unknown emotions suddenly fill the treasure heart. Balloon of happiness inflating with the profound love received from that innocent lover and promises, with meaning, are exchanged in chits.

The season of spring soon meets the rainy weather with gloomy eyes speaking the condition of the depressed heart and mind accepts the distressing state with practical attempts to accomplish the desired. The sneaking. the hiding, witnessed by the night who becomes our best friend with celestial bodies guarding the blissful acts of Love.

6 Types of unhealthy mother-child relationships that affect our adulthood (

Who said that ‘Love’ will make a difference in academic percentage? Where is it written that one’s marks would dilapidate if he or she feels ‘Love’? The innocence turns to mental stress when parents restrict their own child’s movements. They could have fed their kid with a healthy diet but they force them to focus on academics without considering their mental state. Would the child value the beauty of ‘Love’ if prison is the answer from parent’s end?

A dose of ‘Love’ which requires patience always leads to fruitful solutions. Make it easy for your child to recognize Love’s beauty in their adulthood.


In response to Friday Fun – diet – aroused.

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