Extra Night

Friends? Continued

The story does not ends there. After leaving, this guy did not replied to my text for two days.

He knew I was irritated the extra night he had to stay because of me. I was on face about it and I told him to leave me be. After we got the replaced sim card, I came back straight to the apartment and then again went down. Talked to the many people who know me and I know I will be better with their voice. Walked and talked for more than an hour, did not cared about the guy who was staying with me. Rude of me, right? But I was uncomfortable with him.

I had already told him to carry his bed before entering my place as I am not going to share mine and that to when I had little trust; never. Still he asked me if he can sleep on the other side of the bed to which I denied and he slept in his sleeping bag like the other two nights. He slept and I carried on my texting and talking over phone.

Morning came early for me because I dozed off late. I woke him up as he had to leave and he should not miss this one. He asked me if I would like to have tea outside, I said I would rather make it here but yes can accompany you. While locking the apartment I agreed to have tea outside. Standing at the tea stall, he denied to have it and searched for the bus. We bid farewell while he was climbing the bus.

The way he made me think: Out of concern I texted him if he has reached safely. (To be noted that he was in my apartment and if anything happens to him, my life is ruined.) A reply I received after two days, “Are you this shallow?” I was happy that he is good. So I texted back the same and ended. But he had a lot to say to which I also told him about my being uncomfortable and blocked.

Pardon me, if you feel I am wrong here but he was the one who planted the seed of distrust in a way which would terrify you inside out. The gripping stories of strangers meeting and females putting false charges on males for rape. Murder, threat and what not goes when internet people meet. His way of communicating that he has a family, he does not wants me to become a threat to him. He himself had no trust on me. The point which hit me the most at the end was his mentioning my old text as a proof that I wanted to be physical with him which never was my intention and the message did not reflected the same.

Was I shallow?


*Picture Credit: https://graphicriver.net/item/question-mark-thinking-woman/21371443
**A real life incident from which I have learned a lot.

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