Starting from the New Year’s Eve to the year’s first Sunday morning, my instinct was constantly knocking me with a line, ‘this is not the person whom I would call my friend.’

More than a year ago, we started chatting on one of the social media applications. The daily talks led to exchanging of numbers and the talks got deeper. The word ‘deeper’ here has no meaning attached to him being my boyfriend, (I am very much over that phase of my life) but the exchange of knowledge. Knowing the guy was married, I had no desire to intrude in his life nor I made him to poke into mine’s. I called the arrangement ‘Third Party Interaction’ where I can openly discuss issues knowing the person is nowhere related to me.

The friendship grew as the understanding on some topics was mutual but, at the back of my mind, I had little trust in the person. A happily married male chatting with an unmarried young lass. I had no problems as I enjoy exchanging knowledge, understanding a human being’s existence and listening to different perspectives. And when someone is speaking their mind, I am all ears.

Convincing self that I can try to be comfortable which I am not with everyone. Might be that I like him, of course as a friend. Alone in my apartment, I invited him in. Assuring self that he is my friend, I tried to give myself time to attain that comfort level and communicated him the same. All would have been well had it not been the accumulating dirt in the apartment. (The word ‘dirt’ here relates to the person and the mess he was creating in my place, both). I was afraid.

The two statements (relating to sleeping naked and bathing naked) used by him and I understood the reason of my being wary all the time. I could not sleep. I am really sorry, to myself, for I gave him the reason to stay for an extra day because of my network issues which he was trying to solve as my irritated employer was on my head. A frustrated, irritated being I became on the last day of his stay. The extra day gave me an affirmation that my instinct was correct throughout.

That extra day, we purchased a sim card for me and his number as reference was provided. I do not know in which realm I entered that I lost the sim card soon after the purchase was complete and this I came to know when I was some steps away from my apartment. Irresponsible behavior I expect not from me but this incidence was an add on in throwing the light upon my sleeping head that this guy’s presence is harmful. Though the guy helped me in getting the lost sim blocked and arranging a new sim card and many more things for which I am thankful to him but he was not my friend.

His presence was a nuisance and absence is for the betterment.

Happy New Year!


*A real incident from which I have learned a lot.

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