Silence silently crept
unknowingly wrapped her soul
like the sea shell, strong
protecting the only pearl

Outrageous people with acidic tone
her dauntless face repelled
Focus accompanied at every step
the damsel turned all stones

The collected shards on the journey
her courage turned them all into gold
Penned them all in an autobiography
of which millions of copies were sold




  1. Kritika, a very beautiful and inspiring poem! ❀ I think the sum total of our writings as poets may serve as an autobiography, especially if those poems are autobiographical. All poems that reflect our perspective might fall into that category! Enjoy your weekend! Cheryl

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  2. A masterpiece, Kritika.

    I love those lines “Silence silently crept”. ❀

    A woman with a pure soul turning hearts of stone into hearts of gold.

    I love the humourous twist at the end in which she takes all her experiences and puts them in an autobiography which sells millions of copies.πŸ˜‚

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      1. I think WP is doing gitchy things since the Block Editor changeover. I have never seen this effect yet, on another person’s posts though! Mostly I see Classic Block posts switch from properly formatted into one solid column of text. Best of luck and lots of love :)) xoxoxo

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