noT thE onE

Not The One

Stealing a stare by strolling outside, wandering in search of satisfaction of not just the physical desire but eyes of a handsome stranger who would enjoy crossing my path every day and yet he will not be the one I would fall for.

Wavelength might match as the longing for a touch has stretched for a great length of time and summers claim for the exposure of the skin but still he will not be the one I would fall for.

Ears crave to listen to a handsome mouth speaking volumes about my beauty of not just the art but the dauntless structure strictly accomplished for the one who would embrace it completely but still he would not be the one I would fall for.

Know not who will hold the soft hands, caress the small lips, know myself without the questions but eyes reciprocating the life lived. Known to me will be my not waiting to kiss or confess.


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  1. Kritika, I loved the structure of this poem. It creates suspense which builds to the final verse. The ending resonated with me. You say, essentially, that you will know that special man when you see him. When I was dating on the internet, I met first dates with a handshake, but I met Robert for the first time with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Somehow, we know when things are right! ❀ Cheryl

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    1. Right you are. We always know when things are right or wrong with us.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. 😊
      Thank you for always appreciating and supporting my work β™₯️🌷


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