the intertwining of the breeze with the leaves
captivated eyes get a dose of relief

moon smiling bright at the romantic connection
lighting the dark for the eyes to feel

the tender breeze kissing and whispering love
eyes long to taste this precious pleasure

stars blinking, sighing, watching such affection
dreamy eyes in hunt of this treasure

celestial bodies sprinkle powder of love in nature
the hopeful eyes observe this peacefully

moon, stars, breeze and leaves are valuable creation
making the eyes believe, love exists honestly


Note from the Author
Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved)
Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put in their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the blog is mandatory before using the content or the image (which has been created by the author of the blog).


  1. Kritika, you’re getting better & better with every single new poem you publish. This one is magnificent…”lighting the dark for the eyes to feel”…amazing line…I’m always looking forward to read your beautiful poems…written from your heart….✨❀️

    Liked by 1 person

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