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Problem- Quote

It is your problem that you have a problem. Handle well.


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  1. Although it isn’t pleasant to have to admit it, we do create many of our own problems. Hopefully, nobody is there saying, “I told you so!” And, as you suggested, we should ” clean up our own mess.” Thank you Kritika for a quote we would all do well to remember. Stay safe and happy! Cheryl

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    1. Overtime I have learned this that I should take responsibility of them each time they occur.
      Thank you Cheryl for understanding the quote.
      I loved your poem Wonders. Soothing to the heart. πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s very much true…the blame game can never help no one, especially the one, who thinks there’s a problem…taking responsibility & grow from there is the only correct way…though, it’s still sometimes difficult to take the full responsibility…as the old pattern (/the devil) keeps Whispering to throw that problem onto others…thx for this quote…the reminder ✨

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