The Enchantment

rough hands held hers tight, dragging towards the water tide.
echoes of their romance created a strong magnetic field, between
her lips and his eyes, proof were the blushing cheeks.

questioning mouth wondering at the beating heart. boughs whispering,
birds gaping, surroundings watching this coercive start. solitude in
partnership was pinching every inch. the time against them, yelling,
it not to be like this.

rage of jealousy was reaching an ecstasy, her hand in others hand.
calling it off between them, he found to be a waste of time. dragging her towards the water tide, proving their wilful love was more than the word, ‘Divine’.

clandestine moves of nature performed their magic, he expressed his love with one glance. kissing each other, the sky showering blessings. culminated the story of their romance.


Note from the Author
Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved)
Copying of the content and image without permission is not acceptable. The writers put in their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the blog is mandatory before using the content or the image (which has been created by the author of the blog).


    1. I am heartily happy that you found my words inspiring. I really enjoy the blog reading and writing process. Some blogs give you a mental peace which keeps the day going.
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. You made my day. ❀ 🌷.

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