The Melting


down where I felt your breath
cooling the rage out of me
the beauty of your tingling touch
serpentine moves weakening me

glistening eyes speaking divine
crazily you put your hands on one mound
squeezing a groan out of my mouth
more of me wants more of us as hounds

topographically tagging my melting spots
so want you to take me to the shower
dripping water as the massage gel
the two bodies now have more power

biting and kissing and loving your groans
moved down to gulp your rage
admiring your swirling of the head
we are enjoying this more at this age

the beauty of your tackling me
your arms are my ceasing spot
aware you like us more than this
the relationship graph is always hot

@ Kritika

Note from the Author
Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved)
Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put in their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the blog is mandatory before using the content or the image (which has been created by the author of the blog).


    1. Sorry, my reply did not post yesterday. WP application might not be working.
      Can not say more on this but surely if something of this genre is on paper, would publish it. πŸ˜€
      Thank you so much kindly πŸ™‚


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