The Growing

Three days ago, I disturbed them for some photographs. I like disturbing kids, they seem to make different faces which lures me to kiss and bite them. You can name me Cruella but kids have always loved me. They like my teasing them and making them active is what I work upon while I am with them. But these ones will not actively participate with me as they are just bird babies and yeah, they are not woodpecker babies, they are Red Whiskered Bulbuls. The Google Lens app helped me to find out the species. Thanks to google at least one can forward correct information. Look at them, three days ago…

Photography by Kritika

I have been giving them bird food which hopefully their mother must have been feeding them. The mother started shouting at me yesterday while I was busy taking their photographs. I told her that I am not harming her kids, I just need the photographs and took some of hers which convinced her that her kids are safe. She let me take few, phew.

Photography by Kritika

Today they seem to have grown fully. Covered with fur around, looking more cute. My mother told me one of them tried to fly, which was exciting but when I am around they actually roll their eyes. I observed they were watching me but eventually ignored me while shutting their eyelids, giving a signal of, ‘Do Not Disturb’. Tomorrow will take a good picture of them with their eyes open, I will show them my Cruella side. (huh) No harm to them.

Photography by Kritika



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