They and Her

charm of her face
disturbed many souls
why is she happy?
when life is difficult for us all

‘spreading positivity
from the outside
buried the hurdles
courageously inside’

none knows the truth
peeking and poking
following her like sleuth
ignored they feel as carelessly she moves

‘growing wings to fly
dreams are to reach the sky
sit on the moon and sing
busy crafting her wings’

jealousy causing rage
people are not ashamed
gossiping about her at every stage
finding more wrongs in her fame

‘loving self, she preferred
procrastination always deferred
understanding each and every word
she will soon take off like a powerful bird’

@ Kritika

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Note from the Author
Copyright 2020 (All rights reserved)
Copying of the content and image is not permissible. The writers put in their souls in writing a piece of literature. A prior permission of the author of the blog is mandatory before using the content or the image (which has been created by the author of the blog).


    1. Negative is considered to be a default setting. Positive is simple thus hard to understand. Really appreciate your thoughts on this piece.
      Thank you so much for reading πŸ™‚


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