Nominated for Mystery Bloggers Award

Excited or Normal
I know not
by thevel
to whom
I am thankful for
your kindness
I am thankful for
your humbleness
considering me
for this mysterious award
this blogging fun
now seems to have started
to get into form


Seriously a mystery for me with some rules to be followed. Frankly, I always mention others I am new to writing which led to blogging. This year I have made a huge amount of changes in my life one of which includes this blog. The rules:

1. The award logo/image should be on your blog.
2. Rules should be listed
3. Be thankful to the one who nominated you and do add the link to their blog
4. Answer five questions asked by the person nominating you
5. Tell  your readers  three things about yourself
6. Notify the nominees on through comments on their blog
7. Ask five questions, of your choice, to your nominees. One of which should be funny or weird.
8. Share a link to your best post    
*You have to nominate other bloggers like I am nominating some of my favourite bloggers:

1. Words Less Spoken:
2. Whispers of a poet’s heart:
3. Ellie894:
4. Fauxcroft:
5. A Personal Journey- Stories of Love: 

The five questions to be answered by the above nominees are:
1. Has your blog transformed your life?
2. What are your hobbies? Is blogging one of them? 
3. Are you attracted towards balloons still?
4. Writing on blog, do you take it as an obligation?
5. Have you ever written a funny post on blog?

Do answer them as you please. πŸ™‚

Now is my turn to answer THEVELs questions:

  1. What is your favourite comment since you started blogging?
    Me: “Wish you a speedy win and that you celebrate become evil(er) than the devil” by DarkerIntrovert on Fever 102Β°
  2. If there was a writing competition for all bloggers, what topic would you choose to write about and why?
    Me: Women Education and Job Equality. I live in a society where females are still bearing the burden of patriarchy. Abolishment of the same is required to us males and females to live free. And mental health.
  3. What is your dream city/a city which you would like to visit? and why?
    Me: I want to live in the mountains be it any city. I love trekking, rock climbing i wish to learn.
  4. What novel are you reading now or recently read? What is it all about?
    Me: AVA by Michael D Kerrigan. Sci Fi novel in which I see the future of the humans. This novel has given me the insight as to what will be the future of humans as everything else is extinct and a man is totally dependant upon technology with a chip implanted in the body.
  5. What world celebrity if left in one room with, you will feel uncomfortable?
    Me: Salman Khan. I had a crush on him since childhood. I guess now too I cannot stop my heart beats whenever he appears on the Television.

Link to my post:

Three things about Me:

  1. I am a yoga enthusiast. Its a journey to my healthy life. Passion can say.
  2. Open to surprises in life.
  3. Straight forward.

Now my nominees must do as the rules say. 😊😁 Going to notify them.



  1. Congratulations Kritika! It is well deserved. You’re a wonderful writer and sweet friend here. Thank you for thinking of me. Today had some bumps in the road and your kindness helped much…thank you 😊❀️

    Liked by 3 people

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