Where did he go?

Few texts teased me
Prompted me to believe
Words sounded true
Beginning of a meaningful spree

Conversation flowing
Comfortable feeling
Calmly enjoying
Careless comprehending

Giving the heart and soul
Talking late nights and day whole
Such madness perceived
Openly I was deceived

Happiness eluded
In no time I was secluded
Vanished into thin air
The persons existence was a dare

Scrolling the conversation 
Was I wrong in delivering information?
Asked how can this be possible
Now I feel so horrible

No idea what made him retreat
‘Ghosting’ is a human treat
Mentally stressed I was
His disappearance was the cause 


Ghosting has become very common and people fall for it as dating applications have lost its real meaning. It mentally stresses a mind which filled with happiness suddenly turns sad. Discussion on twitter lead me to write this poem. Hope you liked it. πŸ™‚    

13 thoughts on “Where did he go?”

  1. Great writing on a very current topic … agree it’s nasty!

    Please ensure that your blog name accompanies your comments, otherwise you are missing a lot of traffic!
    … get there through WP admin!

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