Happy Busy Saturday and Free Sunday

As the week is ending
there are personal works pending
the house too needs cleaning and mending

discern between dark and light
the heap of clothes should be washed right
washing machine is fully packed and tight

arranging papers and books
wiping and dusting all nooks
assessing walls to hammer the new hooks

plants and flowers needs water
can find a lot of muddy dotter
wish a wand in hand from Harry Potter

salon for the personal care
need the skin to be tan free fair
brightly confident, everyone should stare

window shopping new trends 
coffee with friends
some money left for me to spend

grocery and vegetable shopping
Sunday trip desperately hoping
startled watching my boyfriend popping

celebrating Saturday with beers and wine
House nicely lit, friends came over to dine
Music, dancing and laughing no bar on time

Sunday morning, a long drive awaited to the sea
As I say no to drive and climb with the kettle of tea
Now I am relaxed and can say I am free for me.


Have a great weekend all the readers. Thank you for reading my so busy poem. 🙂