The Sky, The Earth, The Air- Photograph

The Sky, The Earth, The AirPhotography by Kritika The rain bath makes environment fresh. One can smell purity in the air. ©Kritika

Writers Remind

Search for a differencein thoughts reflected by words written in statementsby writerswho experiencedwho analysed the worldwhere humanslive lifein lovein hatein every emotionthey develop writers remindhumansbetween the linesread and perceivethe true meaninghidden in wordsstatements depictingcore values to beinculcatedby you by us ©Kritika Hope you liked the thought. 🙂

Bon Voyage Mademoiselle- A Poetical Journey (2)

adventure began at full throttlesailor was carrying some wine bottleswater sickness can be a set backwine would bring the mind on track the muscular body was distraction rising sun should be given attention rays forming a huge umbrella for the ocean protecting the water animals with feelings and emotions drinking the wine we both talked… Continue reading Bon Voyage Mademoiselle- A Poetical Journey (2)