The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem

the beautiful leafunder the shadow of cloudsglistens when the sun shinesilluminates in the moon light longing to meet its lovercaring for self it nurturesself development mattersby self independence it flatters the cloud attracted by its beautycould not approach as it has its dutysignals the leaf by turning grey'your lover is on its way' leaf blushes… Continue reading The rain drop and leaf- love story in poem

Not Cheesy But Easy

I stopped feelingIt was easynot cheesy non greasybut easy I stopped feelingsimply comprehendedmy questionsyour one word answers I stopped feelingno coffee togetherno talks leftmy words left unheard I stopped feelingno phone calls no messages this was enough I stopped feelingand happily accepted your feelings. ©Kritika Hope you liked it. 🙂

Now is difficult

Easy was when I was littleNo hurriesNo worries The world was lightBooks and delightsOutdoor gamesAnimated moviesFelt just Right Breaking utensilsFighting with siblingsColourful scribblingChocolate favourite filling Inquisitiveness attachedMusic for danceCreativity the only genreEating earth was honor No colour differenceNo religious inferenceNo judgemental viewsNo assumptive clues Honestly honestSurroundings are no bestNow is difficultUnderstanding communities and cults ©Kritika Hope you enjoyed… Continue reading Now is difficult