Nothingness to find resilience

Shut the door, please
For sometime I want to cease
Free from the stupid tease

My room, my space
Pause this nonsensical chase

My thoughts, my desires
why is everybody else on fire?

my life, my choice
why can’t I raise my voice?

these self created rules
till when will one choose?

Wrong or right
will not lose the fight
But for the moment,
Nothing is might

A blank mind
is my kind
For sometime
pause the rhyme

Body is weak
Future is bleak
Stop this creak
I am not freak

Not now, Not today
Siting inside my nothingness cave.


Sometimes I do hug Nothing. Hope you liked it. 🙂


Mind Said,”


the tears have dried
your face is glowing
the stress free kind

darkness hid your
vulnerable state
the pillow readily
embraced your tears
like your best friend
while listening to your sad talks
sleep took over
that piercing pain
and made you strong

the night is important,

bid farewell to the past
present needs your acceptance to change
for the future to not ever feel the same.”


Hope you liked this motivational thought. 🙂

The Man

forced, composed
Ancestors, are they the host?
Acting as ghosts
haunting in values and beliefs
mythologies twisted for their own relief
whose existence, should a man believe?

Centuries ago events occurred
burden of which later generations suffered
Females and males are still buttered
to follow steps, as tradition, battered

Males feels suffocated hiding their pain
Females are weak expressing the same
torturously intertwined in this mentally disturbing game
For whose gain?

As humans we have a soul
which cries to end this once and for all
Let this gone no more be fed
We want to be out of this mental stress

Ancestors need not be blamed
Accordingly they lived as the time claimed
We should now stop feeling tamed
This thought of ours need to be changed


The Man
Hope you liked this thought. Suggestions are welcome. 

To the moon,

I am attracted by your beauty
admire the way you perform your duty
Daily night you light up the sky
encouraging me to try and try
You are the only crush
for whom I truly feel and blush
Seeking your guidance daily
embarking upon my everyday journey
Secret conversations with you in my mind
letting you know what I wish to find
A friend I prefer YOU to be mine
You are the honest love of my life
Always find comfort in your presence
Writing about the same in your absence
Am I mad or the world is?
When you are around, I don’t want to know this
Just want you to be the same where ever I am
Besides me, I want you to firmly stand
Like lovers we walk hand in hand
Nothing more than this I demand.

By an innocent heart


Hope you like this love letter secretly written for the moon to  read  it one day. Sigh

Photograph Clicked by Kritika