Battle between two extremists

Nerves in the body shout
‘Positives move and capture the battle ground’
Negatives overheard this sound
Speed up, its a race, be a hound.

Negatives start before the positives find out
Moving fast they capture the battle ground
Shouting and roaring giving victorious vibes
Positives surrounding them with glorious smiles

Alertness running throughout the team ‘Negatives’
‘Game has just begun’ informed the ‘Positives’
A cold war fought hard between both extremists 
Throwing at each other their characteristics

Negatives submit themselves as they bow their heads
Positives embrace them as their friendly guests
This friendship bond is difficult to be accepted
Their cooperative nature is always reflected.


Hope you liked the thought. πŸ™‚


Threading Beads

Holding a thread
and different fashioned beads in hand
Engaging the brains 
in creating a piece having a good rank. 

Beads of similar fashion
are of main attraction
The unwanted ones can wait
will be used in future date.

One by one threading the selected beads
can be seen transforming into a beautiful work piece
Process may take a lot of time
but the end result will be prime


Threading beads here is threading thoughts.

Hope you liked the thought. πŸ™‚
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