Race Life: Quote

Race Life

Why are Life’s challenges hard to crack?
We used to play racing games on PC, now mobile phones, with one objective in mind: To Win. Hurdles didn’t matter, twisted roads filled with other vehicles didn’t matter. What mattered was how well are we performing.

What matters is how well are we performing?
What is our objective?


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That Special Midnight

Bedroom door and the silent night
Wish you were here as I stare the moon light
The loneliness I felt at the dinner table
left me terribly missing our fight

Checking the mobile phone for the thousandth time
Hoping your call with the special ringtone will chime
Quickly freshening self I picked the book genre crime

Keeping the mobile phone near
I kept open my eyes and ears
This midnight was specially dear
An year ago we were finally near

Clock ticking, five minutes left to midnight
Calling won’t help as I know you would be in flight
Some romantic songs might make my mood light

Soft music filled the corners of the room
Hearing the doorbell my alertness urged me to pick the broom
Yoga skills would  surely take the person down in zoom

Opening the door I zoomed my broom
He ducked and picked me up
leading us to our bedroom

Those non stop kisses bought my cheeks to turn red
So terribly I missed this usual thread
Then he asked,’ Are we left with some brown bread?’


The Empty Sea Shore

Silently the cool breeze
touched my ears
With voices from the past
I wanted to hear.

The empty sea shore
where our interlaced fingers found hope
On the same sea shore
can be frequently found walking alone.

Smiling remembering those
comfortable conversations
Gliding barefoot
with waiting heart palpitations.

A sudden urge of tears
filled these happy eyes
Clearly can listen to those loving words
in your voice.

While wiping them off
saw you standing on the opposite side
Heart raced to your smiling face
as you extended your hand and I stood beside.

Our fingers interlaced
with the same pace
And we stood face to face
Water of my eyes clearly visible
Sea shore, with your voice and lips,
now stood invisible.


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Hope you liked it. 🙂

A Vampire Movie


Vampire movies are attraction
Mortal Immortal love, a fantastic situation
Audience applauding on this romantic relation

Ancient stories of the vampires goes side by side
The good and the bad vampires always fight
This background of the story
gives the audience an insight

Disturbance created by the mortals introduction
Beautiful tale and a nice work of fiction
Mortal and Immortal love affair
targets audience affection

Fighting between the good and the evil
Love affair is the main point of rebel
The story maintains the surprise level

Good vampire wins the mortal beauty
Protecting mortal is Immortals duty
Audience ranking for the story is fruity.


I seriously didn’t thought of anything today. Producing what I had in mind. Weird? Comments please..