Race Life: Quote

Race Life Why are Life's challenges hard to crack?We used to play racing games on PC, now mobile phones, with one objective in mind: To Win. Hurdles didn't matter, twisted roads filled with other vehicles didn't matter. What mattered was how well are we performing. What matters is how well are we performing?What is our… Continue reading Race Life: Quote

That Special Midnight

Bedroom door and the silent nightWish you were here as I stare the moon lightThe loneliness I felt at the dinner table left me terribly missing our fight Checking the mobile phone for the thousandth timeHoping your call with the special ringtone will chimeQuickly freshening self I picked the book genre crime Keeping the mobile phone… Continue reading That Special Midnight

The Empty Sea Shore

Silently the cool breezetouched my earsWith voices from the pastI wanted to hear. The empty sea shorewhere our interlaced fingers found hopeOn the same sea shorecan be frequently found walking alone. Smiling remembering thosecomfortable conversations Gliding barefootwith waiting heart palpitations. A sudden urge of tearsfilled these happy eyesClearly can listen to those loving words in… Continue reading The Empty Sea Shore