Characteristics of a lone wolf you owned

Don't you wish to talk to mefor all the pain I gainedfor all the loss I bore Don't you wishto see the tearsflowing from these hopeful eyesdrowned in your love now sore Don't you wishto run to hug this body to sniff my perfumecaressing my soul Such a liar you wereshowed me the beautiful lovebetrayed this… Continue reading Characteristics of a lone wolf you owned

Procrastinating by Thinking

Will make a planA time table to complete Tasks on priority Day passed by thinkingPlanning inside the headSoon could see the dawning sun's silhouette Should sleep for a whileTomorrow the sun will shine brightA new day for the new plan Pondering over the sameStill wasting the timeKnowing about it does not stops Tomorrow and overmorrowWhen will I… Continue reading Procrastinating by Thinking

Silence has its own voice

The quiet afternoonbetween 3 to 5world seems stillonly the silence alive Reaching to my earsa beautiful voicecalm and serene in naturefresh breath as its feature Embracing this drowsy noon bodyMy breathing in the air completely waking me up for a chit chattelling me to relax for a while as the day is still left Freshening the soul to resume my duties having a cup of… Continue reading Silence has its own voice