I don’t always understand Poetry

I don’t always understand
What and Why and How of it
Just goes over my head

Lately, some writers
with metaphors
Started making sense
What and Why and How of it
is still a complicated essence.

Comprehension of the same
comes with experience
Life stories
and its appearance

Acknowledging the true nature
of written poetic words
Attaching the same
with life’s twists and turns



14 thoughts on “I don’t always understand Poetry

  1. K Morris Poet

    You are right that some poetry can be difficult to comprehend, for example T S Eliot’s poem “The Wasteland contains a good many references, including to mythology. For the reader unfamiliar with the myths being referenced, and the other obscure references in the poem, the Wasteland can be a challenging poem. Having said that, some poems can appear to be simple, but contain complex inner meanings. Best wishes – Kevin

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    1. Kritika

      Being new with the poetry side of me, I have started going through various poetry blogs. Its difficult to comprehend at times but I try to know the meaning.
      Thank you for liking the same. 😊


  2. Lance Greenfield

    I like this poem. It says it all!

    I wonder if you’ll understand, or like mine. Scroll down the page to “Lance’s Poetry”.

    A few of the other little ditties on that page might make you chuckle too. Most of them take less than sixty seconds to read.

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