Remembering your silhouette

It is strange
Can say weird
Saw a guy
With muscles and beard

Bus engine started
My eyes fixated
On the roads and vehicles
Not the passengers acting as mountain disciples

Sitting besides the drivers seat
Gazing the roads with hands on knees
How did I not see you before?
Realised it in the morning at 4.

Your silhouette shining
In the night filled with moonlighting 
Body structure and the voice
Attracted I was by my hearts choice

Hands in the trousers pockets
That relaxed and confident look, triggering my mind sockets
Awestruck I was with my head moving fast
Is he the one my love story needs as the main cast?

Drowsiness turned into deep sleep
You touched your finger on my knee
Opened my eyes found you moving towards the backseat
My elevated charm and blushing cheeks.

Wondering was it a positive signal
Now it seems everything was fictional
A deep urge to find him and contact
Is this the way I should react?


I want an answer to this question. Comments please. Help 🙂