Unbelievably Nervous

In front of some people
I was nervous today
Delivering a product
Was a hustle, not to be kept at bay

I accept the product is new to me
My experience and skills are better than what I see
It has been years, I am over this fear
Confidence felt at stake which I gladly should tear

Reasons are many for this mishappening
Should I mind as it is not at all threatening?
Product knowledge is one I consider
Second is the acceptance of the others

   The future me has my product to be delivered
This should not be the way I accept to be considered
So confident I am on the talk
That this platform is not me for the walk

 I am full of life and love
A smile is all I have like a dove
Peaceful and calm is my nature
Why to care about for what is not my feature?

I was gay
I want to work for me, it is all I have to say
My experience and skills don’t match the current situation
Hope I would soon park my car at my station.


Thank you for reading. If you any suggestions, please do write to me.

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