Chatting with Past

Chatting with past
Present moving fast
Deciding about the future
While straightening my posture.

I am not ashamed
At least feeling not framed
Feelings once I held
Seem to have diminished and clearly dealt.

Roads of the heart are now empty
For the one I am waiting for shall be my bounty
Love in loads reside inside
Ice like sculpture from outside



  1. Hi, sorry this is late, but been really bust. Your poem, “I thought I will meet someone” is a cleaver and interesting work. But I think the tense is not right. I struggled with this for a while and went back to the grammar sites to make sure. The word “will” that’s used in the title can only be used for the future tense. I believe it should be changed to “would”. “I thought I would have met someone.” Once done, each stanza is then changed to the past tense. This way the title and the poem are in the same tense.
    Take care,


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