Enjoying Singledom

So strong was my denial this time

that made me to move on

I know I needed you to hold me tight

but not anymore

the deception mask you wore on your face

fascinating my inner chase

for the love I craved from within

which I now totally hate

So strong was my denial this time

you probably would hate me now

Keeping me in option

so much of exhaustion

could not keep it on

Your oppression

my increasing aggression

this was the end of domination

So strong was my denial this time

I craved to be single

Enjoying my freedom

After gaining some wisdom

This life now in singledom

Thank you for reading. Hope you like it.


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Impressive about me is my eagerness to try everything. Self Motivation is a fixed gear of my creativity vehicle provoking me to dance to the tune of optimism. Yoga and books are the two transducers of this victim which have helped to be straightforward and open minded. Improvement is the second gear which is under construction and will always be undergoing changes simultaneously achieving different goals. There are other supporting gears with less of speed more of energy. This is KRITIKA πŸ™‚

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