Rat and Me and the Night

In the middle of the night
My bladder was heavy and tight
Reaction to which was awful
But I had to empty what was full

Some how I left the bed
Walking with body half dead 
Managed to opened the doors of bladders room
Unaware of what held next or whom

Stepping inside closing the door
A small fatty creature lay still on the floor
My eyes wide awake and my bladder was at stake
Encountering it was the only option to take.

I slowly walked towards the toilet seat
Watching it watching me, as I was the only one he was going to eat
Somehow emptied the going to be ‘blasting bladder’
The rat had no choice not even a ladder

Eye to eye contact was established
The plan to escape in both minds was formed
It was as if I we were communicating
You come here, I go there was curating

I stood screaming and running taking the right.
He was on alert, jumping and sliding, from the left.
His front left foot nail touched my left foot last finger
I jumped and screamed more as a bad singer

In haste I opened the gate
To the outside world with a sigh and thankful state
Proud and courageous I felt
With whatever I had dealt

Relieved and tired after the brave act
Slept like a baby in my bed is a fact
Story telling began after I woke up
Everyone laughed a loud while I held my teacup.

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it and laughed a loud. 😁

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