Defining Me

Immaturity is my weakness honestly.
Giving time to everyone selflessly.
Listening to each word attentively.
Moving with peace and love obsessively.

Fighting for what feels right stubbornly.
Energetic with all my might physically.
Enthusiastic and glowing positively.

Mixture of love and hate.
Feel free to open your thoughts gate.
Planning to be a good human and mate. 




A passionate kiss
Which I should dismiss.
Holding your hands tight
A big NO from my side.

Parting from those lips
Keeping my hand on hips
NO, I should probably move away
Having no reason to stay

I will come again
Those lips feel mine, be me in pain
Biting them while thinking of the pleasure
Some moments, between us, are a valuable treasure.

Desperation so passionate
The kiss in my mind reverberates
You are a want, time bound
Until another is found. 


Love, an illusion

A discussion between two friends in a poem written below.

Discussions led to a conclusion
Love, nowadays, is an illusion.

People pick people to throw
A recent trend seem to outgrow

Feelings and emotions have diminished
Physical need is one for which everyone is famished

Afraid to indulge in such a fascinating delusion
Acting unfaithfully in submission.

Discussion lead to a conclusion
It is better to live in seclusion.


Thank you for reading. Hope you like the thought.

Chatting with Past

Chatting with past
Present moving fast
Deciding about the future
While straightening my posture.

I am not ashamed
At least feeling not framed
Feelings once I held
Seem to have diminished and clearly dealt.

Roads of the heart are now empty
For the one I am waiting for shall be my bounty
Love in loads reside inside
Ice like sculpture from outside


Unbelievably Nervous

In front of some people
I was nervous today
Delivering a product
Was a hustle, not to be kept at bay

I accept the product is new to me
My experience and skills are better than what I see
It has been years, I am over this fear
Confidence felt at stake which I gladly should tear

Reasons are many for this mishappening
Should I mind as it is not at all threatening?
Product knowledge is one I consider
Second is the acceptance of the others

   The future me has my product to be delivered
This should not be the way I accept to be considered
So confident I am on the talk
That this platform is not me for the walk

 I am full of life and love
A smile is all I have like a dove
Peaceful and calm is my nature
Why to care about for what is not my feature?

I was gay
I want to work for me, it is all I have to say
My experience and skills don’t match the current situation
Hope I would soon park my car at my station.


Thank you for reading. If you any suggestions, please do write to me.