Love, an illusion

A discussion between two friends in a poem written below. Discussions led to a conclusionLove, nowadays, is an illusion. People pick people to throwA recent trend seem to outgrow Feelings and emotions have diminished Physical need is one for which everyone is famished Afraid to indulge in such a fascinating delusionActing unfaithfully in submission. Discussion lead to… Continue reading Love, an illusion

Chatting with Past

Chatting with pastPresent moving fastDeciding about the futureWhile straightening my posture. I am not ashamedAt least feeling not framedFeelings once I heldSeem to have diminished and clearly dealt. Roads of the heart are now emptyFor the one I am waiting for shall be my bountyLove in loads reside insideIce like sculpture from outside ┬ęKritika

Unbelievably Nervous

In front of some peopleI was nervous todayDelivering a productWas a hustle, not to be kept at bay I accept the product is new to meMy experience and skills are better than what I seeIt has been years, I am over this fearConfidence felt at stake which I gladly should tear Reasons are many for this mishappeningShould I… Continue reading Unbelievably Nervous