Change the course

Not always you feel like doing the same things

Sometimes you need to change the course of the boat you are sailing

Can say you are curious.

Can say you want more out of your present.

Change is the new way you can find out

What lies ahead, you have reins to change the course

It is a tempting want of knowing the capabilities.

The power to achieve what others would not be able to see

Not always you feel like doing the same things

An urge to just do it.

An urge to just make it happen.

Thank you. Hope you liked it.


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Impressive about me is my eagerness to try everything. Self Motivation is a fixed gear of my creativity vehicle provoking me to dance to the tune of optimism. Yoga and books are the two transducers of this victim which have helped to be straightforward and open minded. Improvement is the second gear which is under construction and will always be undergoing changes simultaneously achieving different goals. There are other supporting gears with less of speed more of energy. This is KRITIKA 🙂

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